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Parking Brake Cables

Brake Cables - 1500LB, 3000LB

pull only push-pull cables

Ultimate Load: 1500 lb
Minimum Bend Radius: 5

Ultimate Load: 3000 lb
Minimum Bend Radius: 7

Metro Custom Cables can create a pull-only cable control for applications such as parking brakes, clutch cables, and other similar applications. 1500 lb and 3000 lb series cables available. Choose from conduit caps and end fittings to replace or customize your pull-only cable controls.

Cablecraft® has developed a seal system that greatly extends the life of these pull-only control cables. Conduit caps contain a wiper seal to provide maximum protection against the entry of dirt and moisture into the interior of the cable. The innermember is nylon covered, high-tensile galvanized steel strand. The smooth surface of the innermember and the conduit cap seals are the key to extending cable life and efficiency.

The conduit has a plastic liner to provide additional environmental protection. Cablecraft pull-only cables are lubricated during assembly, and because of their design, no further lubrication is required or recommended for the life of the control. Outstanding efficiency is the result of many features incorporated into the Cablecraft design, even after being operated in excess of 250,000 cycles in simulated working conditions.

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